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Candlefish No. 40 Gold Tin Candle

Sale price$23.99

Subtle rose and lavender are met with mellow amber and leather in this popular woodsy fragrance. The ultimate living room candle. This limited-edition, lowball-inspired vessel is finished in a brushed gold with a signature label to make the perfect addition to your collection.

Woodsy Fragrance Family
Woodsy candles are warm, rich, natural, and "masculine". They range from fresh-cut notes like cedarwood, to heavier, more resinous notes like sandalwood.

Top Fragrance
According to fossil evidence, roses have been around for 35 million years. These beautiful flowers have a unique, sweet, floral scent, but the oil is difficult to come by. In order to make 5ml of rose essential oil, you'll need about 10,000 roses.

Middle Fragrance
Lavender is a purple flowering plant that has a sweet, floral aroma. Lavender is often used to ease relaxation and sleep.

Dry Fragrance
Leather fragrance is a concept created by perfumers to evoke the smell of worn leather. Expert perfumers use a technique called headspace technology to copy the molecules found around a piece of leather, and then create an oil usable in candle form

Size: 7.5oz | Burn Time: 40-50 Hours | Single Wick
Wax Type: Soy

Hand poured in Charleston, SC from the makers of Rewined