Candlefish No. 61 Jar


From the fun fruity notes of berries and dewberry, to the sensual notes of vanilla and sandalwood, No.61 is the perfect candle for those people in your life with a sweet and sassy personality.

Citrus Fragrance Family
Bright, clean, sparkling, strong, even sometimes odor reducing, the citrus family combines notes taken from the rind of a citrus fruit. Citrus essential oils are the easiest natural or essential oil to obtain from the natural source – the rind is typically cold pressed.

Top Fragrance
Dewberries originally hail from Louisiana, USA and are similar to blackberries in shape and have a sweet, slightly tart scent. While very fruity, dewberry is a bit richer and smells sweeter than the other members of the berry family.

Middle Fragrance
Vanilla comes from the vanilla orchid, mostly found in Mexico. It has a warm, sweet, familiar smell and is mostly used in epicurean fragrances.

Dry Fragrance
Sandalwood is a class of woods originally coming from India. The woods are heavy, red or brown, and fine-grained, and, unlike many other aromatic woods, they retain their fragrance for decades. The scent is woodsy and warm with a slight sweetness.

Burn Time: 60-70 Hours
Size: 9 oz Jar
Wax Type: Soy
Hand poured in Charleston, SC from the makers of Rewined

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