Candlefish No. 88 Jar


Bright lemon and fresh tulip combine for a refreshing summer scent.

Green & Natural Fragrance Family
The Green fragrance family evokes notes from nature. If you enjoy green, crisp notes like freshly cut grass and bamboo, this family is for you. The "Green" family is a modern, lighter version of the traditional "chypre" type fragrance. Cyphre comes from the French word for cyprus, and this accord typically contained bergamot, oakmoss, patchouli, and labdanum.

Top Fragrance
A yellow citrus fruit, which originates from China, that offers an energetic zing to any fragrance. Lemon is versatile and can be paired with almost any other fragrance note for an ultra-unique scent.

Middle Fragrance
A bulbous spring-flowering plant of the lily family, with boldly colored cup-shaped flowers. While tulips do have a floral smell, it is accompanied by a subtle spice and rounded out by a honey-like fragrance.

Dry Fragrance
A strong-smelling scent inspired by nature itself, true "musk" comes from the male musk deer . Often used as a dry or bottom note, musk has a strong woodsy and earthy fragrance. Don't worry, we use musk fragrance in our candles, nothing comes from the animal itself!

Burn Time: 60-70 Hours
Size: 9 oz Jar
Wax Type: Soy
Hand poured in Charleston, SC from the makers of Rewined

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