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Necklace Fern Succulent
Necklace Fern Succulent Sale price$20.00
Botanica #2015
Botanica #2015 Sale price$20.00
Botanica #2299
Botanica #2299 Sale price$26.00
Botanica #2446
Botanica #2446 Sale price$29.00
Botanica #373*
Botanica #373* Sale price$32.00
Hanging Succulent in Paper Maché PotHanging Succulent in Paper Maché Pot
Botanica #1302
Botanica #1302 Sale price$36.00
Sage Bush In Square Pot
Sage Bush In Square Pot Sale price$34.00
Slim Grey Pampas StemSlim Grey Pampas Stem
Slim Grey Pampas Stem Sale price$12.00
Save $4.50Faux Leaf Pick
Faux Leaf Pick Sale price$4.50 Regular price$9.00
Dried Fluffy Pampas Grass - WhiteShort
Dried Fluffy Pampas Grass - White Sale priceFrom $12.00
Botanica #533
Botanica #533 Sale price$30.00
Save $4.00Faux Leaf Bunch 4 Colors AssortedFaux Leaf Bunch 4 Colors Assorted
Faux Leaf Bunch 4 Colors Assorted Sale price$20.00 Regular price$24.00
Dried Mustard Pampas Bunch
Faux Trailing PlantFaux Trailing Plant
Faux Trailing Plant Sale price$10.00
28" Amaryllis Stem
28" Amaryllis Stem Sale price$19.00
8" Striped Aeonium Sunburst Succulent
Succulent In Square Pot
Succulent In Square Pot Sale price$30.00
Artificial Heneken Stem
Artificial Heneken Stem Sale price$48.00
10" Agave Victoria-Reginae
Botanica #2415
Botanica #2415 Sale price$28.00
Faux Flocked Grass Plume Assorted Colors
Botanica #3188
Botanica #3188 Sale price$26.00
Botanica #2505
Botanica #2505 Sale price$24.00
BOTANICA #2330 Sale price$12.00
Dried Natural Pampas Grass BunchChartreuse
Botanica #2547
Botanica #2547 Sale price$30.00
Jade Succulent
Jade Succulent Sale price$23.00
7" Echeveria Succulent
7" Echeveria Succulent Sale price$12.00
Rosette Succulent
Rosette Succulent Sale price$14.00
8" Aeonium Succulent
8" Aeonium Succulent Sale price$9.00
Flowering Succulent - Yellow
10" Kalanchoe
10" Kalanchoe Sale price$15.00
Dried Natural Eucalyptus Bunch, Khaki Color
7.5" Echeveria Pulidris, Green
10" Mini Succulent Spray
10" Mini Succulent Spray Sale price$15.00
7" Sedum Succulent
7" Sedum Succulent Sale price$27.00
Botanica #2559
Botanica #2559 Sale price$28.00
Rosette Succulent Large
Rosette Succulent Large Sale price$16.00
9" Spikey Succulent
9" Spikey Succulent Sale price$9.00
Flocked Succulent
Flocked Succulent Sale price$39.00
7.5" Echeveria Pulidris - Dusted Pink
Artificial Succulent Stem 17"*
Dried Yellow Craspedia BunchDried Yellow Craspedia Bunch
Large Bundle of Auburn Pampas GrassLarge Bundle of Auburn Pampas Grass
Botanica #3436Botanica #3436
Botanica #3436 Sale price$18.00
Dried Fluffy Pampas Grass - BrownDried Fluffy Pampas Grass - Brown
15" Kalanchoe
15" Kalanchoe Sale price$19.00