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Antique Brass Wall Sconce
Antique Brass Wall Sconce Sale price$229.00
Wilson Wall Sconce
Wilson Wall Sconce Sale price$159.00
Kellers Sconce Sale price$139.00
Chester Brass Wall SconceChester Brass Wall Sconce
Chester Brass Wall Sconce Sale price$165.00
Cobalt Black Metal Swivel Wall SconceCobalt Black Metal Swivel Wall Sconce
Santander II Wall SconceSantander II Wall Sconce
Santander II Wall Sconce Sale price$109.00
Bourgeois Wall Sconce Sale price$119.00
Danika Wall SconceDanika Wall Sconce
Danika Wall Sconce Sale price$269.00
Clyde Wall SconceClyde Wall Sconce
Clyde Wall Sconce Sale price$299.00
Black and Brass Wall SconceBlack and Brass Wall Sconce
Black and Brass Wall Sconce Sale price$125.00
Mesh Metal Shade
Newcomb Wall Sconce Sale price$239.00
Maggie Sconce
Maggie Sconce Sale price$295.00
Matilda Sconce
Matilda Sconce Sale price$159.00
Campbell Sconce
Campbell Sconce Sale price$179.00
Black Double Light Swivel Wall SconceBlack Double Light Swivel Wall Sconce
Brass Cantrell Sconce
Brass Cantrell Sconce Sale price$110.00
Brynn SconceBrynn Sconce
Brynn Sconce Sale price$249.00
Frank Sconce
Frank Sconce Sale price$165.00
Wood Wall Mount
Vector Wall Sconce Sale price$249.00
X Shape PewterX Shape Pewter
Xendi Wall Sconce Sale price$179.00
Gold Metal
Mayford Wall Sconce* Sale price$139.00
Double Pulley Wall Sconce
Double Pulley Wall Sconce Sale price$325.00
Pewter Frosted GlassPewter Frosted Glass
Bougeoir Wall Sconce Sale price$89.00