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Signature Collection

Signature Collection

"The original collection — and the wines that started it all. Our passion for wine sparked a deep dive into the floral, citrus-forwardherbaceousness of white wines — and the earthy, spicy, smoky, dark fruit-focused reds. Swirl your glass. Inhale deeply. Fragrance, meet feeling."

– Master Chandlers at Rewined

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Sauvignon Blanc Signature CandleSauvignon Blanc Signature Candle
Riesling Signature CandleRiesling Signature Candle
Riesling Signature Candle Sale price$37.99
Pinot Noir Signature Candle
Cabernet Signature CandleCabernet Signature Candle
Cabernet Signature Candle Sale price$37.99
Merlot Signature Candle
Merlot Signature Candle Sale price$37.99
Chardonnay Signature CandleChardonnay Signature Candle