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Last Chance

Last Chance

The end of an era. Our friends at Rewined have rebranded & with it, come all new scents & vessels. Snag their best-selling original scents while supplies last. 

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Cabernet Rewined Candle*Cabernet Rewined Candle*
Cabernet Rewined Candle* Sale price$25.99
Pinot Grigio Rewined Candle
Sangria Rewined Candle*Sangria Rewined Candle*
Sangria Rewined Candle* Sale price$25.99
Prosecco Rewined Candle*
Prosecco Rewined Candle* Sale price$25.99
Syrah Rewined Candle
Syrah Rewined Candle Sale price$25.99
Margarita Cocktail Candle*
Chardonnay Rewined Candle
Cava Rewined Candle*
Cava Rewined Candle* Sale price$25.99
Cosmopolitan Cocktail Candle*
Manhattan Vintage Cocktail Candle*Manhattan Vintage Cocktail Candle*
French 75 Vintage Cocktail Candle*
Mojito Cocktail Candle*
Mojito Cocktail Candle* Sale price$27.99
Gin Fizz 7oz Candle*Gin Fizz 7oz Candle*
Gin Fizz 7oz Candle* Sale price$24.00
Spritz 7oz Candle*Spritz 7oz Candle*
Spritz 7oz Candle* Sale price$24.00
Moscow Mule Vintage Cocktail Candle*Moscow Mule Vintage Cocktail Candle*
Gin Fizz 10oz CandleGin Fizz 10oz Candle
Gin Fizz 10oz Candle Sale price$32.00
Spritz 10oz Candle*Spritz 10oz Candle*
Spritz 10oz Candle* Sale price$32.00