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Sparkling Collection

Sparkling Collection

"We’ve conjured the effervescence. The laughter. The exuberant joy in bottle form. Peel back the foil. Unwind the muselet. Release the cork. Raise your glass. Feel the bubbles tickle your nose. Taste the stars.

– Master Chandlers at Rewined


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Prosecco Sparkling CandleProsecco Sparkling Candle
Prosecco Sparkling Candle Sale price$37.99
Rosé Sparkling CandleRosé Sparkling Candle
Rosé Sparkling Candle Sale price$37.99
Mimosa Sparkling CandleMimosa Sparkling Candle
Mimosa Sparkling Candle Sale price$37.99
Champagne Sparkling CandleChampagne Sparkling Candle