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Rewined Candles

Rewined Candles

"Making candles is a way to tell stories about the things we love through fragrance. Every story is a labor of love, shaped and shared by many hands."

Handmade in Charleston, South Carolina since 2009. Every vessel designed to be repurposed.

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No.67 in Orange Bubble Glass Candle
No.25 in Light Blue Bubble Glass Candle
No.18 in Pink Bubble Glass Candle
Spritz Cocktail CandleSpritz Cocktail Candle
Spritz Cocktail Candle Sale price$37.99
French 75 Cocktail CandleFrench 75 Cocktail Candle
French 75 Cocktail Candle Sale price$37.99
Gin Fizz Cocktail CandleGin Fizz Cocktail Candle
Gin Fizz Cocktail Candle Sale price$37.99
Cosmopolitan Cocktail CandleCosmopolitan Cocktail Candle
Rosé Sparkling CandleRosé Sparkling Candle
Rosé Sparkling Candle Sale price$37.99
Prosecco Sparkling CandleProsecco Sparkling Candle
Prosecco Sparkling Candle Sale price$37.99
Mimosa Sparkling CandleMimosa Sparkling Candle
Mimosa Sparkling Candle Sale price$37.99
Champagne Sparkling CandleChampagne Sparkling Candle
Sauvignon Blanc Signature CandleSauvignon Blanc Signature Candle
Riesling Signature CandleRiesling Signature Candle
Riesling Signature Candle Sale price$37.99
Pinot Noir Signature Candle
Merlot Signature Candle
Merlot Signature Candle Sale price$37.99
Chardonnay Signature CandleChardonnay Signature Candle
Cabernet Signature CandleCabernet Signature Candle
Cabernet Signature Candle Sale price$37.99
Rosé Gold Bowl Candle Sale priceFrom $38.99