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Article: A day in The Life: Daniel McClurg at Riverview Farm

A day in The Life: Daniel McClurg at Riverview Farm

A day in The Life: Daniel McClurg at Riverview Farm

Daniel McClurg, entrepreneur and owner of Elm & Iron, gave us a tour of his Riverview Farm recently, and we must say, it's jaw dropping adorable. 

"I gotta pinch myself every time I come here," Dan shares. "We grew up riding dirt bikes and hanging out here. Riverview Farm was always a place to call home. So when the place was for sale, I had to buy it." The philosophy at the farm has always been "the more the merrier," and Dan strives to instill that mentality by hosting friends and family members whenever he can. 

Dan did all the refinishing himself and had his handy dandy sidekick, Alethea, to help with the styling of the rooms. "I didn't want to loose the characteristic of the farm. I really just reworked the floors and updated the kitchen," said Dan. Store designer, Aelthea Yeisley, helped keep those characteristics by using Elm & Iron products that give the house a unique and stylish feel.  

"Buying this place has also brought me closer to my brother, which I love," Dan explains. Dan's brother, Adam, helps run the farm while Dan is away. Riverview is currently farming popcorn, soy beans, and wheat. It has sixteen chickens and one temperamental rooster. Wild flowers and bees have also recently made their way to the farm. "It calms me being out here. Honestly, I really enjoy mowing and bush hogging," states Dan.  "I was pretty much raised here."  

Take a look below!

Hand with watch on steering wheel

Man holding a chicken

Man holding eggs

Daniel sitting on the front porch

Daniel walking up the driveway

Riverview Farm living room

Bakery wall art

Brightly lit kitchen area

Riverview Farm front of the house

Daniel in front of a red barn

Riverview Farm barn

Unique living room space

Elegant bedroom




Dining room

Dining room chair

Lounge chair


Golf Cart

Bee farm

Pink flowers

Location: Owner, Daniel McClurg's Riverview Farm 

All photos are taken by Emma Parker Photography.

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Hi Dan,
This is Suzy, I met you today at the warehouse sale, I spun the wheel and won the wreath , I wanted to thank you so much. I am so looking forward to checking out your Easton store.
Thank you again,
Suzy Lewis

Suzy Lewis

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