Samuel Adams Cincinnati Taproom

You’re supposed to clean & rinse the glass.

Hold the glass at a 45-degree angle.

Pour the beer at the mid-point of the glass, and once you reach the halfway point you tilt the glass upright. Now, slowly… pour the beer in the middle of the glass to create the perfect head.

Then… take a swig of the cold delicious Samuel Adams Brew.

Mmmmmmm, beer.

Social media, like beer, can be an incredible tool to bring creative individuals together, and accomplish something unique and innovative. That’s exactly what happened with the Samuel Adams Cincinnati Taproom (welcome to the neighborhood). We received a call from Bergmeyer, a top-notch design firm based out of Boston (check out their amazing work here) who contacted us after discovering our elm & IRON Instagram. Wooohooo!

In mid-June, Bergmeyer got the ball rolling with their design needs and set forth an action plan with elm & IRON, Cincinnati Wood Collaborative, and Brush Factory (just to name a few local companies) to collaborate and help pull off the Samuel Adams Cincinnati Taproom.

Check out the new digs below!

German Biergarten Tables

German Biergarten Tables - Shown in orange with green legs. Also available in another style with light natural finish wood with maroon legs. Each set comes with table + two benches.

We are excited to share this project with all of you! The Samuel Adams Cincinnati Taproom provides the perfect place to enjoy an adult beverage after a long day at work. Using Cincinnati locally based businesses to help furnish the Taproom created a warm and inviting space to meet up from happy hour to private parties. Want to see another elm & IRON project that was aired on the DIY network? Check out Barn Sweet Home. Now kick back, grab a brew, or better yet- stop in and check out The Samuel Adams Cincinnati Taproom. You may even see some of our elm & IRON staff meet-ups held there — we just can’t get enough! Huge THANK YOU to The Samuel Adams Cincinnati Taproom for using elm & IRON!

Jamie Fuchs serving a cold Session IPA

Jamie Fuchs serving a cold Session IPA. Thanks Jamie!

Samuel Adams

Wharton Bar Stools

Wharton Bar Stools - Also available in counter height stools & dining chairs. Shown in Distressed Brown Leather. Additionally available in Stonewash Grey Canvas & Modern Olive Velvet.

Samuel Adams

Samuel Adams

Coffee Table created by Brush Factory

Coffee Table - created by Brush Factory.

Maxx Swivel Chair

Maxx Swivel Chair - shown in Destroyed Black Leather. Also available in Sapphire Birch Velvet, Sapphire Marine Velvet, Manor Grey Upholstery, & Umber Grey Leather.

Spider Console - located in the far the back, pictured with the books. One finish: black iron base with brass-clad top framed out in a sandy oak.

Menagerie Side Table

Menagerie Side Table - End grain tables of various domestic hardwoods and reclaimed softwoods with decorative steel strapping, created by Cincinnati Wood Collaborative.

Community Pub Tables

Community Pub Tables - Not an illustrative photo here of the tables, but they are solid white oak trestle tables with hand cut joinery and decorative steel strapping inspired by beer barrels and Boston's naval history. -Cincinnati Wood Collaborative

Flynn Bar Stool - Simplicity meets industrial style with the Flynn stool. Only available in bar height.

Samuel Adams

Fitz Chair

Samuel Adams

Fitz Chair - shown in Dakota Sapphire. Also available in Gaucho Chalk & Axis Silver.

Samuel Adams glasses behind bar

Taproom interior

Inez End Table, round

Inez End Table, round.

Silas Leather Chairs - shown in Aged Black & Patina Copper.

Silas Leather Chair - Aged Black

Silas Leather Chair - Patina Copper

Larkin Sofa Sofa - Alcott Leather Chair

Larkin Sofa Sofa - Showin in 72” in cigar leather. Also available in 88” in the cigar leather as well as rider black leather. Chair and sectional options also available.

Alcott Leather Chair - shown in cigar leather with nailheads (only option).

Samuel Adams taproom

Edgework Creative Everyday Dining Chair

Edgework Creative Everyday Dining Chair This style was created for Elm & Iron and has sold out, but they also offer custom work that could be recreated if interested. Also available in two other styles that are still in stock: Laid Back & All Frame.

Hart Neely & Kate Boggs

Hart Neely & Kate Boggs, our managers of the elm & IRON Cincinnati loft and small store, who took on the project for elm & IRON.

Local delivery or pick up options available. Please email us at,

Want to see more items that are too good to pass up at elm & IRON? Check out the blog post featuring our Monaco Sideboard with Clermont Chair.

Prices are subject to change.

Location: Samuel Adams Cincinnati Taproom; 1727 Logan St, Cincinnati, OH 45202.

All photos are taken by Emma Parker Photography.

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