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Lighted Sign - Columbus NeighborhoodsLighted Sign - Columbus Neighborhoods
Custom Lighted SignCustom Lighted Sign
Custom Lighted Sign Sale price$170.00
1927 Big House Opening Framed Art
1923 USA Department of Interior Triptych Map
Black & Gold Lighted SignBlack & Gold Lighted Sign
Black & Gold Lighted Sign Sale price$170.00
1922 OSU Horseshoe Opening Day Framed Art1922 OSU Horseshoe Opening Day Framed Art
1950s Columbus Framed Map
1950s Columbus Framed Map Sale price$205.00
1856 Columbus Framed Canvas Map
Bourbon Lighted Sign
Bourbon Lighted Sign Sale price$170.00
1838 Cincinnati Framed Canvas Map
1890 Ohio State Team Framed Art1890 Ohio State Team Framed Art
1919 Cincinnati Reds World Series Winning Team
1920 Cleveland Indians Team Photo1920 Cleveland Indians Team Photo
Bar Lighted Sign
Bar Lighted Sign Sale price$170.00
Recording Lighted Sign
Recording Lighted Sign Sale price$170.00
On Air Lighted Sign
On Air Lighted Sign Sale price$170.00
1919 Horse Head Formation Framed Photo
Yellowstone National Park 1872 Framed ArtYellowstone National Park 1872 Framed Art
Grand Canyon National Park 1919 Framed Art
1918 Boston Red Sox Team Photo
1881 Ohio Framed Map
1881 Ohio Framed Map Sale price$205.00
Backlit Bulletin Dry Erase Board
1747 Solar System Map1747 Solar System Map
1747 Solar System Map Sale price$205.00
1903 Wright Brothers' First Flight
New York Yankees Team Photo
New York Yankees Team Photo Sale price$205.00
Glacier National Park 1910 Framed ArtGlacier National Park 1910 Framed Art
1855 Solar System Plan Drawing1855 Solar System Plan Drawing
1855 Solar System Plan Drawing Sale priceFrom $150.00
1902 Chicago Framed Railway Map
Backlit Weekly Calendar Dry Erase BoardBacklit Weekly Calendar Dry Erase Board
Razor Patent Drawing 1904
Razor Patent Drawing 1904 Sale price$149.00
Typewriter Patent Drawing 1896
Custom Transom Lighted SignCustom Transom Lighted Sign
Custom Transom Lighted Sign Sale price$249.00
Chicago Lighted SignChicago Lighted Sign
Chicago Lighted Sign Sale price$170.00
1908 Manhattan Framed Map
1908 Manhattan Framed Map Sale price$205.00
1930's Columbus Statehouse Backlit Framed Art1930's Columbus Statehouse Backlit Framed Art
Lighted 1927 Big House Opening Framed ArtLighted 1927 Big House Opening Framed Art
Roebling Bridge 1907 - Framed Canvas
Chicago World's Fair Framed Art
Fishing Fly Patent 1892
Fishing Fly Patent 1892 Sale price$149.00
1913 Cincinnati Framed Map
1913 Cincinnati Framed Map Sale price$205.00
1913 Cleveland Framed Map
1913 Cleveland Framed Map Sale price$205.00
1846 Solar System Map - Black
1850 Solar System Backlit Framed Artwork
Ballon Captif Backlit Framed Art
Notre Dame Football Team 1914 Photo
1906 Chicago Cubs Team Photo
Alcohol Still Patent 1880
Alcohol Still Patent 1880 Sale price$149.00
Golf Club Patent Drawing 1903