Amsterdam Queen Bed

Dark-smoked solid oak forms a clean-lined bed, with natural ombre-like undertones and intriguing structural cutouts. Streak-like highlights are common, and speak to woods which have been specially selected for their unique patterns and graining. A subtle variance in color and pattern is to be expected from piece to piece, and is reflective of materials’ organic sourcing.Clean-lined and organic in spirit, solid oak takes on a smoky finish, retaining natural beauty. Structural cutouts add intrigue to a streamlined form, adding to stylish versatility.

Overall Dimensions: 69.00"w x 84.50"d x 45.00"h

Box Spring Recommended: Not Applicable
Clearance Headboard to Floor: 2.5"
Clearance Floorboard to Floor: 2.5"
Clearance Side Rails to Floor: 7"
Headboard Dimensions: 69 X 1.75 X 45"
Side Rail Dimensions: 81.5 X 4 X 6"
Interior Dimensions for Mattress: 61 X 81 X 2.5"
Distance Between Slats: 4.0"

Colors: Dark Smoked Oak
Materials: Solid Oak

Holland Queen Bed

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