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Candlefish No. 67 Gold Tin Candle

Sale price$23.99

Bright lemon and bergamot are beautifully paired with green tarragon and sweet, floral ylang. This limited-edition, lowball-inspired vessel is finished in a brushed gold with a signature label to make the perfect addition to your collection.

Citrus Fragrance Family
Bright, clean, sparkling, strong, even sometimes odor reducing, the citrus family combines notes taken from the rind of a citrus fruit. Citrus essential oils are the easiest natural or essential oil to obtain from the natural source – the rind is typically cold pressed.

Top Fragrance
Bergamot oil is naturally sweet, zesty, and effervescent in character. The essential oil comes from the rind of the Citrus aurantium, an inedible citrus fruit that looks like a small orange.

Middle Fragrance
A yellow citrus fruit, which originates from China, that offers an energetic zing to any fragrance. Lemon is versatile and can be paired with almost any other fragrance note for an ultra-unique scent.

Dry Fragrance
Essential oils from the flowers of tropical Ylang Ylang tree boast notes that are fresh, floral, sweet, and slightly fruity. The sweet, floral aroma is said to induce calm and relieve stress.

Size: 7.5oz | Burn Time: 40-50 Hours | Single Wick
Wax Type: Soy

Hand poured in Charleston, SC from the makers of Rewined

Candlefish No. 67 Gold Tin Candle
Candlefish No. 67 Gold Tin Candle Sale price$23.99