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Article: 5 Accent Items That Will Freshen Up Your Space For Spring

5 Accent Items That Will Freshen Up Your Space For Spring

5 Accent Items That Will Freshen Up Your Space For Spring

After a long cold winter, let's think spring. We are ready to put away the winter decor and bring in something fresh for all of you. Here are five accent items that will freshen up your space for spring.

1. Botanicals

Botanical flowers in vases

What's not to love about flowers and something green that requires very little care. If you're like us, watering is something we remember after the flowers/plants have already shrivelled up and wilted away. So why not invest in botanicals that can be placed around the home, require no attention aside from gazing at their beauty, and trick your guests into thinking you have the best green thumb around.  Price range: $9-$35

2. Pillows

Wild + Free Pillows

Can you ever have enough throw pillows? They can provide the room with a bit of pizzaz, color, and comfort. Adding decor pillows to your favorite couch can help transform a room with very little effort. We have a wide selection of textures, sayings, and graphics available at all locations. Price Range: $35-68

3. Wall Art

White barn painted in canvas wall art

Wall art can be something to play around with from season to season. We offer custom made signs that can be tailored to you personally, small fun canvas prints, or large statement pieces. Regardless of which direction you go, we recommend switching your wall art from time to time. Prices vary depending on the selection.

4. Towels

Assorted Animal Tea Towels

Don't forget about your kitchen when it comes to adding accents for this upcoming spring. Tea towels are a great place to start if you aren't too sure on how to go about switching your decor. These colorful tea towels pictured above are a great example of how to add to your space. Price: $16

5. Vases

Yellow flowers in vases

Vases can go right along with switching out botanicals. It is always so much fun unpacking holiday decorations every year, so why not have the same routine for spring. Create new and inviting spaces with vases that vary in size, shape, and texture. If you are like us, then decorating the mantel is a great place to start. Having taller vases can allow your eye to move up the walls making the room look larger. Price range: $8-$49

Thank you for supporting a local business! We appreciate all of you! 

All photos are taken by Emma Parker Photography.

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